Does an installer have to come inside my home?

As long as there is a power source/outlet and WiFi signal available in the immediate area outside your home, the installer does not have to come inside to complete the set up and installation of our hotspots. Once the device installation is complete, you can move the device anywhere in your home near a window, [...]

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How does installation work?

Once you are selected to become a host, we will set up a time with you to install our hotspot. Installation typically takes about 15 minutes. The process is very similar to connecting any other device to your WiFi network, such as a computer or phone. You will be required to enter your WiFi password [...]

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Is this device stealing my internet data?

Our hotspots do not connect to any devices on your home or business network other than the WiFi router that is used to connect our device to your network and the internet. The devices that connect to our hotspot outside your home or business (pet collars, eScooters, tracking tiles, etc.) use encrypted secure data to [...]

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