Start a KOWOP Franchise in Your City

You can leverage the KOWOP brand name and all the tools and assets we have available to create your own KOWOP franchise, and build cooperative relationships with residents and businesses in your city. We not only provide you with the tools and guidance to get your franchise started and operating successfully, but you can leverage the KOWOP branded materials and digital assets to establish your KOWOP  franchise as a respectable and knowledgeable proponent and builder of the Helium network in your city or area.  Throughout your Helium journey, KOWOP will continuously provide support for you, the franchise owner. Your KOWOP franchise fees are paid through an HNT sharing model, so there is no upfront investment to become a KOWOP franchise owner.

If you are interested in taking the first step in becoming a KOWOP franchise owner, please fill out the form below, and our Franchise Relations team will review, and if you meet our criteria, will contact you to work through the next steps in the process.

Franchise Interest Form

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