Yes. All hotspot hosts are expected to allow our hotspots to be powered on and connected to their WiFi network 24 hours a day, every day. Payments will be pro-rated based on the following schedule:

90% to 100% days in month connected 75% to 89% days in month connected 50% to 74% days in month connected 25% to 49% days in month connected 0% to 24% days in month connected
100% of monthly payment 75% of monthly payment 50% of monthly payment 25% of monthly payment 0% of monthly payment

After 2 consecutive months of 50% or less days connected, we will work with our host to address connectivity issues. 3 continuous months of 50% or less connectivity will result in the cancellation of the hotspot hosting arrangement and we will take back the hotspot device.

Hosts are also responsible for the care of the hotspot while in their possession. Any damage to the hotspot determined to be caused by neglect on the host’s part will be assessed, and replacement or repair costs will be billed to the host up to the amount of $500.